Adapting to an Uncertain Future


How do you navigate a changing energy landscape? It’s a question that has been asked with increasing frequency over the past two years, and the answer is simple: If you want to survive, you change with it.

At One Cypress Energy, we put that philosophy into practice by developing services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Much more than just a fresh coat of paint, our new site was designed to reflect our evolving focus in today’s rapidly changing oil and gas marketplace. Development of the new site spanned six months from concept to launch, and we think our effort comes through in spades. The site’s bold aesthetic and simple navigation combine to create an intuitive user experience, while responsive design allows the site to adapt to a visitor’s device—from desktop to tablet to smart phone.

Dig around in the new site and you’ll notice that the framework and design aren’t the only things that have changed. The site’s launch coincides with the introduction of One Cypress Advisory Solutions (OCAS), a new service line established to assist oil and gas companies through bankruptcies, work-outs, reorganizations, and cost-cutting initiatives. Led by industry veterans Steve Owen and Claiborne Gregory, OCAS provides turnkey solutions for trustees, legal departments, and reorganization officers to help keep oil and gas assets running smoothly during periods of transition.

Central to this mission is our commitment to help clients in any stage of business need. Whether a firm needs back office support, legal and regulatory consulting, asset marketing services, or assistance with in-field operations, OCAS has the experience to help our clients:

• Maintain asset integrity and continuous operational plan
• Manage working interest, royalty and ORRI payments
• Assist with unclaimed property payments and reporting
• Maintain flow of receivables and payables
• Prepare financial reports
• Maintain regulatory compliance
• Manage technical compliance and reporting

At the end of the day, it’s all about helping our clients plot a path forward in a difficult marketplace. We’d love to know how your company has adapted to the current energy landscape. Comment below or learn more about One Cypress Advisory Solutions here.

All the best,
Scott Phipps