Lessons From An Oilfield Bumper Sticker

Anyone who’s spent time in oil and gas has heard about the old bumper sticker: “Please God, give me one more oil boom. I promise I won’t blow it this time.” With prices back on the rise, it looks like the industry might get a chance to make good on that promise.

It’s been eight months since OPEC agreed to reduce production by 4.5 percent in an effort to stabilize prices. In that time, the US rig count has increased by over 40 percent. Indeed, producers are bullish for the future, but they aren’t likely to forget the 2014 bust—and the lessons that came with it—any time soon.

As a midstream provider, we see it firsthand. In today’s post-bust market, the key to rising profits is maintaining a lean operation, and independent producers are increasingly looking for ways to remove themselves from any activity that doesn’t result in filled barrels. Put simply, they want turnkey service from pump to payment.

In a market focused on efficiency, producers don’t want to compromise on the fundamentals. On-time pickup and competitive pricing are non-negotiable. Instead, value is created in the midstream space with service after the sale. For many operators, back office functions such as division orders and regulatory reporting become an expensive administrative burden. One Cypress Energy’s Complete Crude Marketing services exist to ease that burden and help operators get back to the business of pumping oil.

With extensive experience in crude oil logistics, marketing and accounting, we are uniquely qualified to manage your crude oil business. Our Jacksboro-based hauling team provides responsive service and on-time product pick up. From there, our highly skilled marketing professionals will identify the best deal for your product, securing both competitive pricing and attractive terms. Afterward, our back office team will manage the distributions and reporting on that product to ensure that royalty holders are paid accurately and on-time.

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All the best,
Scott Phipps
Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Finance