Case Studies

Market Update: Navigating NAFTA

  Nearly 25 years after President Bill Clinton signed what would become one of his legacy achievements, the US, Mexico and Canada have gathered around the table once again to […]

Market Update: Back From The Brink

  Summer went out with a bang for US refiners. Following the barrage of wind, rain and flooding brought on by four consecutive hurricanes, nearly a third of all US […]

Market Update: Fresh Off The Boat

  With oil prices holding more-or-less stable for the past six months, many in the industry have settled into new routines. For the time being it appears that energy markets […]

Lessons From An Oilfield Bumper Sticker

Anyone who’s spent time in oil and gas has heard about the old bumper sticker: “Please God, give me one more oil boom. I promise I won’t blow it this […]

Event Recap: Mexico Gas Summit

    Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the Mexico Gas Summit here in San Antonio. Many thanks to Jay Applewhite and his team […]

San Antonio Business Journal: San Antonio Companies Landing Lucrative Energy Deals in Mexico

As Mexico’s historic energy reforms move forward, several oil and gas companies from San Antonio are finding lucrative business deals south of the border. During the two-day Mexico Gas Summit […]

San Antonio Business Journal: Texas Companies Scramble to Meet Demand for Refined Products in Mexico

Several Texas companies are scrambling to build infrastructure projects to meet growing demand for gasoline, diesel and other refined oil products in Mexico. Mexico has six aging refineries with sagging production. […]

San Antonio Business Journal: New Lease Allows SA-Based Midstream Company to Quadruple Border Footprint

A joint venture and a new lease at the Port of Brownsville will soon allow San Antonio-based midstream company One Cypress Energy to quadruple its footprint along the U.S./Mexico border. One […]

Positioned for Success

  Last month I had the pleasure of hearing Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian speak at an event hosted by the San Antonio Business Journal. Like many in the industry, I […]

San Antonio Business Journal: Exports to Mexico Top of Mind for Oil & Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry continues to recover from a two-year long commodity price downturn, producers from the Lone Star State are keeping an important customer in mind. Mexico has […]

San Antonio Business Journal: It’s a New Day for the Oil & Gas Industry

One Cypress Energy joined Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian at a Business Pulse event hosted by the San Antonio Business Journal. Sworn into office last month as one of three commissioners to regulate the […]

Update: Mexico’s Retail Fuels Market

Last July, we discussed the Mexican government’s decision to deregulate the country’s retail fuels market. Six months later, the future of this tremendous opportunity is beginning to take shape. When […]

San Antonio Business Journal: SA-Based Midstream Company Plans to Expand Border Operations Amid Mexico’s “Gasolinazo”

One Cypress Energy LLC founders Bruce Smith and Greg Wright are looking beyond the images of angry protestors on television and social media in Mexico, where recent protests and unrest […]

Four Things to Look For in Your Midstream Partners

You’ve been there before: You call your trucking company to schedule a pick up on the 20th. You tell them it has to be picked up on the 20th. “No […]

Dallas Business Journal: Upstream Without a Paddle?

The current downturn has been difficult for everyone in the energy sector, but none have been hit harder than small upstream firms. As oil slogs through a second year of […]

What Will Recovery Look Like?

  Since flirting in the upper $20s earlier this year, oil prices have seen a slight rebound in recent months. Increasingly, operators are cautiously bullish, exploring fresh plays and testing […]

Houston Business Journal: Brownsville Port has an Advantage in Mexican Fuels Market

As the sixth largest consumer of retail fuels, Mexico presents an attractive opportunity for international trade. Demand is already well in excess of the country’s domestic production capability, and consumption […]

Election 2016: What’s at Stake for Oil and Gas?

  Election season is always an uneasy time for the oil and gas industry, and this year is no exception. After all, government regulations can change the course of an […]

Mexico’s Retail Fuel Revolution

  Did you know that Mexico is the world’s sixth largest consumer of retail fuels? With demand well in excess of the country’s domestic production capability, Mexico imports an estimated […]

Yahoo! Finance: One Cypress Energy Announces Advisory Solutions Service Line with Launch of New Website

SAN ANTONIO–Unveiled alongside the launch of a new corporate website, One Cypress Energy (OCE) announced this week the introduction of One Cypress Advisory Solutions (OCAS), a new service line providing […]

Adapting to an Uncertain Future

  How do you navigate a changing energy landscape? It’s a question that has been asked with increasing frequency over the past two years, and the answer is simple: If […]

Chapter 7 Oil and Gas Producer

One Cypress Advisory Solutions helps Chapter 7 Oil and Gas Producer A trustee with limited oil and gas background needed a consulting solution that provided both operational and back office […]

OCE Featured in Energy and Mining International

OCE Featured in Energy and Mining International One Cypress Energy was recently featured in an article by Eric Slack for Energy and Mining International. In this article, Eric writes about […]