Bruce Smith



Bio / Resume

After a successful business career, my next gig was an abysmal failure…retirement! While I was somewhat connected to the energy industry through my Board work in my extra time I was driving my wife nuts as I attempted to be either the next Bobby Flay or Fred Couples. What I needed was to team up with people who were working toward a goal. Since no one was calling me, Greg Wright and I decided to form our own team by recruiting a management team of former colleagues, friends and family members. The call to arms was join a new company that embraces a casual and fun working environment, is committed to a high performance problem solving approach to our customers’ needs and one with a strong value based culture.

Today we have a blend of young, experienced individuals and seasoned professionals; we have dog and child days: and the team is enjoying the thrill of realizing our customers’ success. Bruce Smith will make another run at retirement, but I will also be able to answer my grandchildren’s question of “what did you do when the energy industry was in the middle of the last energy boom”? I was there when we created One Cypress Energy. Or, I could tell them about my last round of bogey golf.